The Faroese Language Committee is an advisory institute under the aegis of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The Committee was founded in April 1985, pursuant to the Regulation Governing the Faroese Language Committee.

The mandate of the Committee encompasses the preservation, promotion and development of the Faroese language. It provides individuals, businesses and government institutions with advice and information about the Faroese language. It helps in the coinage and selection of new words and expressions. It also answers questions concerning personal names, place-names and other names.

The Faroese Language Committee is appointed every four years. The Faroese Government appoints the five members of the Committee based on recommendations from the Faroese Media Union, the Institute of Faroese Language and Literature of the University of the Faroes, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the Faroese Language Teachers Association and the Faroese Society of Authors. The Language Committee meets at least once a month or as required.

The term of the present Committee is from 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2013. The present members are:
associate professor, Tˇrshavn, is chairman and represents the University of the Faroe Islands.
, curriculum adviser, HvalvÝk, is deputy chairman and represents the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.
, grammar school teacher, Tˇrshavn, represents the
Faroese Language Teachers Association.
, journalist, HoyvÝk, represents the Faroese Media Union.
teacher, Tˇrshavn, represents the Faroese Society of Authors.

The Faroese Language Committee co-operates with the language committees of the various Nordic countries. For example, the Committee works closely with the Nordic Language Council, the aim of which is to strengthen linguistic solidarity among the Nordic countries. The Council has thirteen members and currently Zakaris Svabo Hansen represents the Faroese Language Committee, while Ann Ellefsen serves as alternate.

The Language Committee also takes part in Nordterm, which is a Nordic association engaged in developing business and technical terminology. The Nordic Language Council represents the Faroese Language Committee in Nordterm. One of the projects of Nordterm is Nordterm-Net. Within this broad project is Nordtermbank, which is a term or expression databank consisting of collections of terminology from various trades and subjects in one or more languages. á

The office of the Faroese Language Committee (Mßlstovan) is located in the building housing the Institute of Faroese Language and Literature of the University of the Faroes and has access to the Institute's collections and other facilities. The main task of Mßlstovan is to provide advice and guidance on linguistic matters and all are welcome to consult the office about their linguistic questions. Office hours are from 9.00 to 16.00 on weekdays.

The Faroese Language Committee publishes the newsletter, Or­afar BrŠv frß mßlnevndini. The content of Or­afar is mainly linguistic commentaries and advice on usage of the Faroese language. To date, the Committee has published three books:
Jˇhan Hendrik W. Poulsen: N°kur teldor­ (1985, 2nd ed 1990)
Jˇhan Hendrik W. Poulsen: Fˇlkan°vn: ┌rval til lei­beiningar (1989).
Jeffrei Henriksen: Mßl- og bˇkmentaor­alisti (2003).

The Faroese Language Committee
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